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Macdeath One Shot Advenure - a FREE Murder Mystery for 5E

Macdeath One Shot Advenure - a FREE Murder Mystery for 5E

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This is a FREE digital RPG product that can be downloaded immediately after checkout.

Macdeath is a 5th edition murder mystery one shot adventure set in the Feywild.

Your players must perform a play for The Queen of The Summer Court and then solve the heinous murder of a cast member. Either way, they must entertain the queen.

  • 24 page PDF and digital images.
  • A play for your players to perform!
  • A host of interesting NPCs.
  • 2 New magical items.
  • Tips on running a murder mystery.

    This one shot adventure is written by independent games creator Tim Roberts.

    Check out this being played on YouTube by Tim Roberts, starring Harli HeroKurt WiseSerenity and Arcane Anthems. Watch our stars perform a play for the Queen of the Summer Court, and solve the mysterious death of Willerd Rattlesword.

    MacDeath was original offered for FREE download, as part of FREE RPG day and has continued to be free of charge ever since!  

    Let the adventures begin!

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