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The Frozen Beacon - a Wintry One-Shot for 5e (PDF Copy)

The Frozen Beacon - a Wintry One-Shot for 5e (PDF Copy)

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Level 10 One-Shot 

Standing on the boarder of the frozen wastes, the village of Oxdrift is no stranger to cold weather.  However, the temperature has recently dropped beyond anything even the eldest locals can remember.  Now isolated by heavy snowfall and beset by sub-zero temperatures, the village is in danger of being abandoned.

Many locals believe the harsh weather is related to the lighting of a nearby beacon that has, for centuries, remained dormant.

The Frozen Beacon is a 5th edition scenario for a party of level 10 players.  In this short one-shot adventure, the players will travel to the Frozen Beacon and confront the malevolent forces that have taken up residence there.

Written by Tim Roberts.

This DnD one-shot can be run as a stand-alone game, or for the busy/lazy DM, as a time saver to drop into your home brew campaign.

This one-shot first appeared in December (2022) Critical Crate.



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